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Hi! My name is Femi and welcome to my world of visual storytelling!  I'm a globetrotter, a connoisseur of world cuisines, a devoted family person, and a basketball enthusiast who has transformed her love for capturing the essence of life into art.

Born in Germany, raised in London, and deeply connected to my Sierra Leonean heritage, I bring a unique blend of influences and perspectives to everything that I do. I've been fortunate to live in different countries, immersing myself in diverse cultures and landscapes. This passion for travel has not only broadened my horizons but also provided me with the opportunity to document the unique stories I've encountered along the way.

Growing up, basketball was more than just a sport to me; it was a way of life. For two decades, I dribbled, shot, and scored my way through life's challenges, learning the values of teamwork, dedication, and perseverance. This passion for basketball has left an indelible mark on my soul, and it continues to inspire my work. Thankfully, it allowed me to to compete internationally at the junior levels in basketball, which eventually took me through Europe and then to the USA to complete my high school diploma in New Jersey and my English Literature degree in California. Even with a busy class and sports schedule, I always  made time to travel around the U.S, whether it was a 6 hour road trip to San Francisco from LA for Easter break, a flight to Alaska or even a two hour road trip down to San Diego for the day.  

In the hustle and bustle of this fast-paced world, my grounding force has always been my family and close friends. Time spent with loved ones is invaluable, and my camera is never far away to document the laughter, love, and cherished memories we create together.

Through my exploration of the world and making new connections, I’ve discovered a deep appreciation for the culinary arts. Food, like photography, is a form of storytelling, and I relish in capturing its essence through my lens.

I have always belived that in a world that's constantly on the move, there is solace in slowing down and capturing both the significant and the seemingly insignificant moments. My goal is to tell the stories of people, places, and experiences through images.

Thank you for visiting my website. I invite you to explore the galleries and stories on this journey I’ve had the privilege to witness and share. If you have a story to tell or a moment to capture, please reach out—I'd love to hear from you.There is a story waiting to be told, one photograph at a time.

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